Last week I attended the JSDayES, the Javascript conference held in Madrid.

There were some great talks, these are the ones I loved:

Redux a través de la música

Redux + MIDI + passion + great explanation. Probably the best talk of the event, Elena Torró is an amazing speaker and she explained the topic of the talk perfectly.

the web these days

The last keynote, by @substack was simply amazing. It didn’t have any real purpose and I don’t agree with his views about the need for a peer to peer internet.

But watching him code live was humbling, I don’t know many programmers with that vim proficiency or knowledge of distributed communication, webgl… his speed was simply incredible. Watch out the video when it is available.

Reactive Animations with RxJS

Amazing demos of RxJS with CSS animation. I hoped the talk would explain more in depth how to craft those animations and the idea behind them but the speaker only introduced the basics of Rx.

It deserves a spot here because of the complexity of the demos.

Construyendo un Rasterizador 3D con iluminacion dinámica en JS vanilla en 10 minutos

A lightning talk with a great end result, I would have loved more explanation and code… the demo was great and I left with the desire of trying those technologies and learning how to render in 3D.

Node y V8 Internals

I didn’t like the structure of the talk and I wanted a more organized explanation but it was pretty clear that @hyperandroid really knows his stuff. It pointed out how little I know of the internals of node or v8, great talk.


A big shoot out to the organizers, I know how hard is and how much time it takes to prepare all those details and tasks that the attendees don’t see.

I hate the comments complaining about the language or the cost of the event. Those people don’t know how much a catering cost or how hard and expensive is to bring people like @substack here to rock us with an amazing keynote.

I really like the focus on international speakers, I think that having one track just for them is a great idea and improves the community and force us to stop living in a bubble.

Things I didn’t like

I just wanted to point out 2 things I didn’t like:

Next year

I have to plan the talks in advance and check the topics or sit on the back and change rooms to avoid bad talks but I’ll definitely go next year!

I saw really good talks, I think that the quality was above the average of other conferences, see you in the next edition :)