About youtube

I’m not a good developer advocate. That is a sad fact. Alas (or should I say luckily?), I’m not one.

One small example of my ineptitude communicating things, happened on Thursday when a friend asked me if we were uploading the videos of the meetups hosted on Liferay somewhere…

I’ve spent countless hours (because I haven’t actively counted them, but rescuetime says that at least 100 just editing in blackmagic davinci) painstakingly processing videos, syncing the slides, notifying meetups and dealing with bureaucracy for close to 120 recordings (in 3 channels, with synced slides and without them).

And I haven’t tweeted about it or linked the channel anywhere. The only ones who knew the channel existed where the ones that attended the meetups.

Yesterday Modesto told me that I should create a playlist for each meetup and when I entered the channel (one of the 3 that host liferay talks) I noticed that had 250 subscribers. Those 250 persons had joined a youtube channel by a user without logo (a grey default background), URL, description or cover image. Basically nothing.

So I’ve cleaned a bit that channel and created playlists for every meetup we host.

The channel is called Liferay Agora and it’s available here.

And here is a playlist with almost all the recordings (except the internal ones and some that the meetups wanted to be private):

I also recommend the liferay official youtube channel that is available here and has some of the videos (with the slides synced).

Any doubts, complaints (why you downvote a video without commenting the reason?) or feedback is more than welcomed on twitter.

I’ll talk about hosting meetups, ordering pizzas and moving chairs some other time…

PD: another example of bad communicating is posting blog post entries and not publicising them :P