New Year (2019 edition)

Last day of the year… a year ago I posted my commitments for 2018 (lower my WIP, read again & exercise) and I only accomplished one and a half… I did lower my WIP but it’s still too high, with a lot of rework and no exercise in sight :(

2018 was a strange year, in the professional and personal sense… not as good as 2017 but good nevertheless… I went to fewer conferences, visited fewer countries and I blew many, many, many more deadlines. Too many balls rolling at the same time, many distractions and way less focus than previous years. That is my main commitment for 2019, to regain focus and do fewer things.

So for 2019, these are my new year resolutions:

And that’s all. I don’t want to repeat 2018, I want a razor-sharp focus in 2019, we’ll see :D