New Year (2020 edition)

Happy New Year! Here we are again, with old commitments :)

2019 was a strange year for me, particularly from the professional side.

I started the year with a new team of 5+2 (shoot out to Alex, Victor, Sarai, Ruben, Cris, Ruben, and Pablo), Headless Experience Team, with new responsibilities and challenges. And it was short-lived, in February/March, after many changes, we ended disbanding the team, Alex left Liferay and everybody went to do different things, except me. And, after lots of commits and long nights, I’m revamping the team again, for 2020.

I’ve worked a lot in 2019, especially before summer. I’ve also moved WeCode and LechazoConf (but not CyLicon Valley nor Facebook Circle Madrid), hosted a lot of meetups, helped a bit in AgileSpain, given many talks, read a lot, seen too many shows, listened to too many podcasts and traveled to different countries.

It wasn’t a bad year but an exhausting one. I ended the year working until late and I have to start the new one working hard at least until the 11th (deadline!). But I’m pretty sure 2020 won’t be defined by work assignments… :)

So for 2020, these are my new year resolutions:

These leaves a lot of things I used to do a lot: conferences, talks, hosting meetups… 2020 is going to be challenging (and fun :P) so I don’t think I’ll have a lot of time for those :) :(