T3chfest slides or how I'm the worst

So… after 1 month I’m publishing the slides for my t3chfest talk (please comment any doubts on the slides) and the video.

I had too many things I wanted to mention, blew the time (and I thought I had 10 minutes more) and didn’t do a dry run of the talk before. Feedback was good-ish.

I didn’t had time to mention the 3 slides with references so at least I wanted to point out the best ones:

I’ve been living in a haze this last 3 months and I’m completely not up-to-date on commitments. Sorry :’(

As a final compensation of taking so long… here are some interesting tidbits I should have tweeted after the talk…

It illustrates quite well one of the things I wanted to point out in the talk, that the graph transmits a message/tells a story.

Sorry for the delay, see you around at: http://lechazoconf.com