Three hectic weeks

Three weeks without posts. I’ve been pretty busy: I’ve attended 4 conferences, 4 meetups, gave a talk and a workshop, appeared in an interview, and become the new lead of the headless experience team.

The 17th and 18th of October I went to the Liferay Spanish Symposium. First experience without having a talk nor being a volunteer… quite strange.

Later I attended JSDayES. I recommend 3 talks, Gonzalo Ruiz de Vila with How to build an AI in 40 minutes, Rubén Valseca with How a Virtual DOM works and Ibon Tolosana with Vanilla JS Graphics and Animations.

The previous week I attended the LambaWorld in Cádiz at the same time my interview with Alba and Autentia was released :)

Last Saturday I gave a workshop with Victor about voice recognition with Javascript + many raspberries. It went Ok. Here are the slides. We spent too much time in the first exercises and we only covered like 30% of the content :P

And this wednesday I gave a talk with Nacho and Isidro. I should have prepared the slides because I’m way worse than Nacho improvising and I wish have transmitted the message clearer. Here are the slides.

In the middle of this, I also became the new lead of the Headless Experience team at Liferay. Not my merit at all.

I also missed another conference and another meetup :(

Now I just wish to have some calm and quiet weeks ahead :)