AOS 2017

Last week I attended the AOS 2017. It was my sixth AOS, I’ve been to Zaragoza, Pamplona, Valladolid, Gijón, Santiago, and Segovia :D

Someone asked me in the event why I kept coming. In past years I’ll have answered because of the community right away. But this time, I kept loving the community, and also extracted quite useful conversations in the discussions.

Agile in Universities

I proposed a talk about Agile in Universities based on the conversation Vicenç started in the Agile Spain mailing list.

Even at times, it seemed more a help group than a discussion (all attendees had the same problems connecting with the students) I received some interesting suggestions. I think the more important ones are:

We mentioned more ideas that I wrote down in the trello. But those are the ones I want to apply this year. Let’s see how it goes :D

Other sessions

I attended several other sessions about:

And community of practice in a company, proposed by Modesto, a really great discussion about how to organize a community of practice in a company but, most importantly how to engage the people to participate.

People mentioned guilds, book clubs, streaming talks, creativity time…

We noticed that all companies have the same problems and I left with several ideas and a lot of people to contact and find new solutions :D

Agile Spain Assembly

We also held a meeting of the Agile Spain assembly where we talked about how to choose the next board and the place for the next AOS and CAS (1 proposal for each right now!).

And we chose as the voting platform for next assemblies :D

I’m excited to see the new board candidatures and to help the new event organizers. I have to close the AOS budget though.

Final words

It was a really nice AOS, had lots of fun talking to people and learned a lot.

Here are the pictures of the retrospective:

If you haven’t come to an Agile Open Spain before… see you next year!