LechazoConf trello and feedback

One month after the LechazoConf and, with the budget closed (at last!), we’ve published the organization trello.

I’ve reorganized the board and, instead of a normal Kanban board, it shows when we started the tasks, with the months as the vertical lanes. The long tasks that covered several months are marked with a red label.

I hope you find it interesting and maybe new conference organizers can use it as a reference of the tasks they have to complete.

I’ve been part of the organizer’s team in several events and I, sorrowfully, think that the visible results, those an attendee notices belong to 10% (or less) of the tasks needed to launch a conference. I wish we could focus only on the tasks that bring value for the attendees (a lean conference!) but catering and the venue has to be paid (and even worse, found and booked!).

Stoppers and easy tasks

I think that the conversations and tasks in the trello are a good approximation of the difficulty and length of the task.

The stoppers (the more difficult or longer tasks) were:

There were some things that were really hard in other conferences and were really easy in the LechazoConf:


I’ve just sent the feedback form and we’ll have to wait a bit to receive more feedback. When you organize a conference there are some things that go awry and you don’t notice. There are others that you see right away.

These are the ones that were obvious:

Final words

So that’s all for the LechazoConf 2017… :’(

I’ve written a final email thanking all the attendees, speakers and sponsors. And linking all the videos, blog posts and photos. Check it out!

As always, I’m eagerly available to answer any doubts or questions! Just shout at me at twitter or email.