From The Trenches 2018

I owe several long blog posts discussing the WeCode, meetup attendance, and several programming posts. I know, those are harder to write, though.

So instead I’ll write just a few words about the event I attended this week, the from the trenches 2018. I don’t know the edition number, we held at least 3 in Valladolid and this is the second one in Donostia (did we have one in 2014, I don’t remember…).

And this time the format changed radically, previous years we gave a talk about what we learned in the previous year… and this time we shared our experience in small groups and we tried to improve it to share it later with the rest of the world.

It was nice, albeit short, and it was hard focusing in an environment with so many distractions (food, friends…) and to extract global conclusions from so wildly different experiences. I had a blast, although I should have spoken with other people, apart from the great aloaisa, jacegu, patoroco or agustin!

It was also surprising to talk with 2 developers that worked with liferay (akajumi & wideawakening and discuss their pains developing with the platform. And the good parts, I’m usually harsher than the users about how I perceive the developer experience.

I know you are dying to know the things we discussed so I won’t ramble more. Here is the global summary of my group (go dolphins, I mean, group6), the recorded conclusions of all experiences and here are the individual experiences:

Overall it was a great experience made it even better with the food and the conversations.

See you next year! :D

PD: We missed @juanignaciosl so much, that couldn’t come at the last minute :’(