Mood Swings

Another quick blog post because I’ve started writing it 7 minutes after the deadline…

I’ve spent a whole chunk of the weekend preparing the next lechazoconf and I’m not in my best mood… we are close to the date of the conference, the 19th of May, less than a month away, and we still have lots of pending tasks.

We have a small hole in our budget (at least 1000€, could be around 2000€) and a troubling decision with the new catering. It’s true that everything is easier this time around and we are not innovating much, almost everything is the same as last year…

I’m also tired, WeCode and LechazoConf are too close (I still have pending tasks from WeCode, for example) and being heavily involved in both is hard. In the WeCode, @juanignaciosl was our supreme leader and he did the heavy lifting in almost all the tasks, especially with the mailing list, contacting speakers and emails in general, the canceled concert… and he used the stick a lot to involve people with some degree of success.

I don’t like to do that and, predictably, the other organizer’s involvement is spotty. Combined with that I tend to hog all the tasks and I like boring tasks like budgets, booking trips and don’t like innovative tasks (like thinking in new conference formats or creative work) paints a bleak scenario.

Let’s see how everything pans out.