LechazoConf and budget

I’m awful at posting regularly so I’m going to try (again!) to post something… at least once a month?

Let’s start with something easy to create a habit…

I’m organizing, with CyLicon Valley, a new conference called LechazoConf.

As always we’re not expecting to earn a dime and if we manage to end with a profit we’ll donate it to an ONG.

I’ll try to explain the current budget and see in the end if we managed to follow it.

We’re estimating 220 attendees and expecting to spend 11.200 euros, split into these areas:

So 81% is planned to be spent on catering, about 4,5€ per coffee break that is really cheap and I hope it won’t bite us later. Take into account that providing coffee to an event is not the same as serving one in a bar. You have to bring all the equipment, people and spend a Saturday morning (and pay people just to be there). So 5-6 euros is a reasonable amount for that service.

And we’re expecting to earn 4.200€ with sponsors and 7.000€ with tickets (16,52€ for students, 33,05€ for early birds and 41,32€ for regular tickets).

Given that catering costs us 37,00€ per person and the regular ticket is 41,32€ and we have to cover merchandising, travel, venue… we don’t have any margin at all.

Let’s see what happens! :D

PD: tickets are here!