Tinkering with Android Architectures

Two weekends ago I gave a talk about the orientation “problem” in Android and how it has affected the design of an SDK that I’m developing.

The SDK part was an excuse to talk about restrictions, in particular, the architectural restriction Android imposes to the developers when dealing with lost state, the possible memory leaks, the duplicated requests… and the restrictions when creating a library or an SDK, a topic I’m a bit obsessed with.

Don’t expect something fancy, it’s an entry level Android talk to evangelize about specific android issues. The slides are available here and this is the video:

I don’t like the current architecture of the SDK, even when I’m the person responsible for it.

I do think it’s better than it was before and I have lots of ideas to improve it further… but I also think it’s not important right now. There are other priorities and spending more time on it feels like focusing too much on the code side and ignoring the business.

Any suggestions are welcomed, though :)