Lies and deception

Like a month ago I gave a talk at the University of Valladolid about how Liferay does Open Source. Here are the slides and the video:

I lied a lot on that talk. There are a lot of absolute statements that are not so black and white, there are things that don’t apply to all Liferay or the engineering team, lots of exaggerations and blatant lies.

I also timed the talk really bad (and I did indeed time it earlier) and I only mentioned about 60% of the things I wanted to talk about :’(

So… where are the facts? what are those lies? and why?

These are (I think) all the exaggerations and lies:

The rest is true, the founder reviewing talks, transparency about sales and the sense of purpose in Liferay just to mention a few.

So, why did I lie?

I was discussing about lies the other day and someone mentioned the difference between lies in the English language: white, blue and black lies. Black lies only benefit yourselves, white are the ones you tell to not worry someone or for the benefit (mental or real) of another. Blue lies are the ones you tell for the benefit of an organization you belong to. The backfire effect is a more scientific explanation of that behavior.

Were those lies blue or black? or just over simplifications? I think that a mix of everything. It’s easier to talk in absolute terms that explain all the (complex) details. It’s also tempting to decorate something intertwining it with the goal you have in mind.

flipper83 mentioned in his talk in codemotion16 that speakers have a huge responsibility because they influence other people and they have to speak the truth. So here are all the facts, I don’t need to lie to show what a great company Liferay is :D

Did I miss one lie? please complain via twitter or email