I listen to many podcasts.

And people that know me usually ask me which ones I recommend. Here are almost all of them :)


Programming in general

1 season, 1 topic





So many topics in Spanish (even drywall!)


Android && Kotlin

Angular && Javascript


If you are bored and have listened to all the previous ones…

How do I listen to so many?

I love walking and I usually try to walk everywhere. I also listen to podcasts when I’m cleaning :). It makes those tasks fun, if I have an interesting podcast on the queue (like Reply All), I am thrilled of having household chores!

I also listen to most of them to 2.x speed or more (:P)… in the beginning, it was quite hard but nowadays I can’t stand 1.0 speed.

I use pocketcasts for Android that has a very nice UI and records everything. So here are my stats since I started using it (now almost 3 years): I’ve listened to 20 days & 10 hours of podcasts, saved 2 days by skipping silences and 46 days (!) by listening to them to twice the regular speed.

Do you have any good recommendations? I’m all ears on twitter!