Agile Games in Segovia 2

Another crazy week, this time we hosted 7 meetups (1 canceled, we were targeting 8), had another hectic work week and I gave a workshop at the University of Segovia (strictly UVa, Segovia’s campus).

The topic was Agile Games and it was pretty similar to the one I gave 2 years ago. Slides are here.

The agenda was simple:


The workshop went fine. I had the feeling that I was losing their attention in the half an hour of theory but they loved the games. I have to rethink how to make that theory part more palatable.

It was nice to see that they manage to pact a common strategy in the chocolate dilemma game and they immediately saw the benefits of single item flow in the We’re having a party game.

I tried new things with the Lego game and they worked fine, like handing them some stories in an A4 and others as cards. A group used the scissors to split the A4 into cards and sort/prioritize them.

I think that it wasn’t the best run of the game and other times they teams learned more or had more fun but it went great nevertheless.

These are the individual items of feedback I recollected:





Final words

I found it really hard to focus on preparing the games after this last awful month… once in flow I love giving talks at universities (even I’m not very good at it) so, hopefully, I’ll be there next year :)