Ten talks at CommitConf

Just yesterday I gave two talks at the CommitConf, raising the number of talks there to 10 (!). And I’m still an Ok-not-great speaker :(

Here are all the talks:

2016 was not a good year… (3.42 with Esther and 4.0 alone). I arrived directly to the Codemotion from my honeymoon’s trip and I didn’t coordinate the presentation with Esther (sorry :()…

I can’t brag with a 4.0 average score (4,37 without the metrics talk) but, surprisingly, is in line with most of the speakers (including famous ones) except superhumans like Katia with a 4.75 and flipper with a 4.56.

I want to think that I’ve gotten better and, since last year, I only send talks involving other people, to help them give a first/second talk at a big conference.

Maybe it’s time to rest.