No post in these last 2 weeks, although I have 4 started :(… so I will do a quick announcement for the conference I’m organizing (with the usual suspects: Nacho, Semurat, Rober, Mariete, Mario, Soraya, Álvaro…).

The conference is called WeCode and all the information is available here.

We’re trying to do something different, a mix of open space + classical conference but centered on technical talks and workshops. It’ll be held at the University of Valladolid and the ideal outcome would be lots of workshops, happy attendees and everyone motivated to learn more.

We are expecting around 170 attendees, 2 days and it costs 100€ and 25€ for students/diversity… tickets are sold but if you really want to come, send me an email at nhpatt. I’ll explain the budget after the conference, as you are already used to.

And that’s all… there are some things I am worried about the WiFi for almost 200 people, the open space with workshops, catering…

Let’s hope everything goes well.