Secretary in Agile Spain

I’m currently closing my last tasks related to Agile Spain (budgets…). For those who don’t know, I was part of the board of Agile Spain, acting as secretary, for 2 years, until this last September.

And writing my thoughts about the things we accomplished there are 2 things I’m not proud of… the first one is that, although we claimed to be a proactive board in the election, in the end, we acted as a reactive one, just providing infrastructure to the agile spain events, answering emails, and putting out fires.

I have the nagging feeling that Agile Spain is afraid of change and comfortable (in the comfort zone sense) in having 2 events a year with the same formula. We didn’t do anything new in that space (apart from an event for members).

The other thing I could have improved is the transparency, posting the trello, slack, conversations… maybe the next board can take that step.

But there are some things I did and I am proud of:

Those are things I championed for or was heavily involved. I’m happy with those achievements but, as always, I wish to have done more things and be more helpful. Maybe another time.

PD: If you want to see the FAQ, budgets or documents, I can share them. Just ask on twitter